Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Camping in the heat wave

A couple of weeks back we went on a family camping trip to Clinton Lake. The last time i went camping i was about 6 months pregnant and it was extremely hot and i was so miserable i slept outside on a lawn chair because i felt like i couldn't breathe in the tent. Somehow that left a bad taste in my mouth for camping. That was 5 years ago...and what are the chances of it ending up being one of the hottest weekends of the year??? 

It was in the 100's but the evenings actually felt really nice (especially after a shower to cool off) and sleeping in the tent was surprisingly comfortable.

This was our campsite. Seven tents and a camper.

 we bought a lot of ice for the cold boxes trying to keep everything cold

Greg and Susan were able to get their boat fixed in time so everyone was super excited to take their turns on the water. 

this was the group of girls sending the boys off on the boat the first time...

 Raegan and Brooklyn helped bury their cousin Taylor in the sand

 the boys just hanging out

Brooklyn and Raegan keeping busy

 Meryn, Malia, Meredith and Avery

 the little ones waited very patiently till the evenings for the "moonlight cruise" when there could be no more skiing, wakeboarding or knee boarding.

They were pretty excited!

 the older girls hanging out in one of the tents making friendship bracelets

 John loved being out on the water

 and skiing

 Each of me and my sister and our husbands took on one of the meals for dinner and my Dad took on the breakfasts. We had kebobs, hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and grilled chicken throughout the weekend.

 Brooklyn Raegan and Molly

 Uncle Don helped out with our late night munchies by making us all popcorn 

 Raegan hanging out with Gramma

 This was our loving space for the weekend. We borrowed a tent from some friends of ours as we don't have a big tent. 

 All of the cousins brought their scooters...there were kids everywhere on scooters and this cracked me up when we got down to the beach one of the days...

 Ethan just cooling off with some lemonade

 One thing i like about the kids getting older is that they can help dad out now a lot more. He put them all to work. Avery looks like she is doing a little more overseeing than working though :)

In spite of the heat it ended up being a great weekend of camping and everyone had a great time! I didn't leave saying i never wanted to camp again like i had 5 years ago so i guess that is a good thing.


Val said...

Fun trip!!! I want to take our kids camping one of these days! I love all the sun-kissed faces. :)

Katie said...

Somehow you made camping in the extreme heat sound fun. How did you do that? I think I want to go camping too (next year, I mean)

grammaneir said...

Good job telling it Elisa. It was fun and I love being with my kids and their families no matter what the temperature is. I want you to know that we were very proud of our kids and the meals they put on. It was all delicious. Look forward to doing it again but wouldn't mind if it was a little cooler.