Friday, August 24, 2012

Salty Dog/Pup triathlon - part two

 Avery finished her triathlon with a smile! What you don't see in the pictures is her Grandma and whole cheering section cheering everyone in which i am sure brought on the smile! (along with the fact that she was almost done!)

 this photo below is the one that was taken by the Hutchinson News and was in the paper the next morning. The lady had asked my mom Avery's name and age so we looked the next morning to see if she was in the paper and sure enough...

 I was part of a team consisting of my sister Susan, who biked, Mandy who did the swimming and myself who ran...this was coming in to the finish line of the run

 Mandy is who i ran the half marathon with when i finally broke my 2hr goal that i had tried for several times. We will all three be running a half marathon in Hutch in September that we are all excited about...right Susan?? :)

 I love this picture of my niece Maggie cheering me in towards the end of the run...this day was so fun, so much family involved!

 I already put the other picture but this was the picture that her proud daddy captured of Avery finishing

 Avery and her cousin Maggie...i'm betting they will be having some more cousins join them next year!

 I was dying and catching my breath and Avery came over to tell me good job on my run. I missed a pr by 9 seconds in the 5k, but was still happy with the run.

 I had told Avery while we were out biking together training for the race that she may just inspire me to  attempt a triathlon! (i am NOT a swimmer!) So after the race she asked me "so, did i inspire you??" Yes, she did and i plan to complete my first triathlon next summer. She will have to share a few tips and pointers with of which might be "don't forget to put your pants on mommy!"

 My sister June (middle) completed the whole thing. Way to go June. I will get to watch her complete another one in a couple of weeks as i am doing the running portion again for a team with a couple of her friends in the women's triathlon.

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grammaneir said...

Great pictures again Elisa. Fun to read.