Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Birthday

For my birthday this past week i spent a very relaxing day at the pool with the kids and then after doing one of my favorite things (going for a run) we went out to dinner to Chilis (where else, what can i say i was craving chips and salsa and some cajun chicken pasta!)

I thought i had a nice birthday celebration but my family wanted to do more so when i got home from work on Monday night the house was very quiet and clean and smelled strongly of chocolate. I walked in quietly as i always do because Raegan has usually been put to bed shortly before i get home and we try to avoid starting the whole tucking in process over! All the lights were off and when i walked to the kitchen i could see John and one of the kids sitting at the table (my first thought was "someone is getting in trouble" but when i flipped the lights on the whole fam yelled Happy Birthday!!

They had made me a cake complete with candles and a card...completely unexpected and very sweet! 

These pictures of the table make me glad for one thing....we are getting our table refinished very soon. This was the table that John grew up with as a kid and it has taken a bigger beating since coming to our house so i am excited to see how nice it looks after being refinished!

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Barbie said...

Happy belated Birthday, Elisa! Sounds like you had a nice day. Your family is so sweet to surprise you with the cake :)