Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beginning gymnastics

Avery has been taking tumbling for about 9 months now. She decided awhile back that she wanted to switch over to gymnastics. Her only hesitation is that she has to start with beginner 7+ age group since she has never taken actual gymnastics...which means she is mostly with 7-8 yr olds. 

After her first class her teacher said she is ready for intermediate but classes are so full right now (hmm, wonder why that is) we needed to wait a few weeks and in the mean time she will keep her challenged.

I was a little concerned about that but after watching yesterday and seeing that her teacher is having her do her own thing i feel much better about it. 

She is loving it and is not worrying about being with younger kids and just focusing on working on what the teacher has her to do. Proud of her for that! 

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