Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Salty Dog/Pup triathlon 2012 - part 1

Avery completed something her mom has not attempted yet...her very first triathlon! I told her while we were doing some training together that she might just inspire me to finally take the plunge and try one.

The girls from our family that took part in the triathlon...

 the morning started very early! we had to get to the park to be numbered, Avery had to have her bike checked (which is what the ok on her hand is for) and get her transition area all good to go.

 all set up and ready to go

 the "pups" waited in a certain area while the "dogs" lined up to get in the water and started competing
the girls were so excited!

 and then it was their turn! all the "dogs" were out of the water so the "pups" started to drop in the water. the swim for them was 100 meters

 there she goes...so much going on, i had to book it to catch her coming out of the pool area and was trying to pay attention to how many times my sister had looped around on the bike as i had to get to the transition are to run as part of our team. Everyone was on a different part of the race!

 here she is coming out after her swim and heading to the transition area

 getting ready to hop on the bike. She remembered everything but her pants so as she went biking by everyone she said "oh my goodness, i forgot my pants!" not that it was a big deal since some just stayed in their swimsuits but she was planning on putting some shorts on.

 my sister had told her just don't forget to take your helmet off before you take off running or that might be a little embarrassing...she didn't forget that and put her pants on before her run :)

to be continued...


June Duehring said...

Way to beat your mom at something, Avery!!! ;)

grammaneir said...

It was so fun to watch you all that day. Great pictures Elisa and you all did great!