Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another summer at the pool

Each year we buy passes to a local aquatic center. Lazy river, water slides, large regular swimming pool, lily pads, zero entry with smaller water slides...and better than all that, comfy chairs for the moms! This year was SO relaxing at the pool! (most days) 

We always were the first or second in line (which the kids hated doing because it meant waiting in the heat for 30 minutes) but it was a small price to pay for our "comfy" chairs that we claimed each day we went :)

If you ask my kids if they want to go to the pool, their first question would be "are the cousins coming??" It just wasn't the same fun to them if cousins were not there.

The rule was no snacks until 2 pm (it opened at 1) because literally as soon as we got in and settled they started asking for snacks!

 Raegan was easy peasy this year...she knew exactly what parts of the pool she was required to wear her life jacket in and always came and got it on when going to those parts. 

 spray bottles are a must in the swimming bag and provide hours of entertainment and hours of spraying mommy and cooling her off for which she didn't complain (except for when being sprayed in the face on my glasses)

 sometimes just hanging out and talking was the things to do as opposed to swimming

Maggie and Avery did some swimming to train for their triathlon that they planned to do mid August.

 Raegan conquered the lily pads which she was very proud of herself for doing!

 They even went and got their own snacks without help...

 the boys hanging out and eating their nachos that they shared most days

 lot's of sharing went on...

 these three stooges were always funny to watch, always off doing something

 the older ones on the lazy river

Another fun summer at the pool has come and gone. Can't believe summer is over but tomorrow starts a new chapter...all 4 kids in school! Goodbye summer, hello fall!

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