Monday, August 20, 2012

Kids fun run

John and i signed up for a local 5k that also had a kids fun run with it. The kids run was free plus they got a medal and a t-shirt...can't beat that. With the Olympics being watched everyday by our family medals were very important to a certain 4 year old, and it was going to be "gold!"

It was 75% humidity and HOT degrees out morning of the run! John and i ran our 5k first and the kids run was held after.

 John and i and our two "littles"

 daddy stretching it out with the kids

 oops, out of order but John finishing the 5k, i'm pretty sure he said that run was torture!

 the kids lined up to hear instructions

 and they are off...

 Raegan did a great was a half mile and she ran the whole thing with one little walk break!

 Ethan came flying in with the front couple of kids...he was running so speedy at the end i missed catching a picture because he was trying to get past the bigger boy! I think he might just have some competitive blood in him! He did his half mile in 3 minutes and i can't remember how many seconds but i was impressed!! Way to go Ethan!

 I love this picture, she was beat! This face pretty much sums up the day and how we all felt after running

Fun time with our little ones! I love to be able to get them involved, and not always just come watch mommy. In Oct they will be running in the KC kids marathon, where they complete 25.2 miles before that day and then run their last mile of the marathon downtown after the KC marathon. Always a fun time and Raegan is excited that she get's to do it this year!

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