Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kindergarten prep

I admit i have slacked in teaching all things preschool to my youngest. We have been doing some crash courses in all things letters and numbers the last few weeks. I'm just looking at the positives in that she will not be one bit bored in kindergarten!

Avery has "played school" with her several times to help nail down some of the things that she should be able to do.

On another subject she looks so tiny with her big back pack. School supplies are all bought and in the kids back packs, kids are all enrolled, school clothes have been bought, (we have spent a small fortune between all of those) school and sports physicals are all scheduled to be knocked out next week. We are ready to roll!

We are off to the pool! There are not too many days left!

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grammaneir said...

Going to be pretty quiet at your house in a couple of weeks. I think Raegan will look little with or without the backpack:)Glad you are all organized and ready Elisa.