Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yook at my muscles

I think i've blogged about Ethan's meat aversion (that's just what i call it) before. The boy does not like meat, anything with meat in it or anything questionable that might have meat in it. Except for...a mcdonalds mcdouble or chicken nuggets which somehow in his little mind are OK. Don't get him a cheesburger from somewhere else though cause "it has meat in it"...we have tried explaining that it's the same but nope! I discussed it all with his doctor a while back and was told not to worry, this is probably a phase and he told me the things that were important that he got into his diet and we have been making sure he got those...whole wheat bread, beans (the boy LOVES beans!) and so on and so on.

Over time he has been broadening his horizons. He has eaten steak, grilled chicken, beef burritoes to name a few. Some nights it's by force of daddy making him take at least 3 or 4 bites, but sometimes he does better.

Only occasionally do we have the gagging and spitting up that used to be a nightly occurence along with his stubborn "hold this food in my mouth for 30 minutes tactics" that he used quite frequently. He's working on his mucsles. He is quite sure that everytime he eats something good, his muscles grow right there on the spot. Ok, so we pretend they are popping out of his shirt. His appetite is growing. We are going to have a massive muscle man in this house pretty soon!


June said...

McDonalds probably isn't really meat. That is why he can eat it. :)

John & Elisa Seaba said...


Amber said...

Ethan and Maya would get along beautifully! Maya only eats chicken nuggets from McDonald's though... don't insult her by getting her a cheeseburger!