Thursday, August 20, 2009

Little stinker

If you think she looks like a handful, your absolutely right. Johnny and i some times just shake our heads...she wears us both out. She is FULL of energy. A few of her shenanigans this week include: squirting soap on Avery's bedspread, smearing gum (how do you smear gum??i don't even know but check with raegan she has the technique down) on glass doors and all over the side of the fridge, smearing poop all over her play vacuum, escape the house to be found in a mud puddle, threw a kitten, pulled an all nighter,got a black sharpie and colored her arm, wore 2 pairs of panties at the same time as a trial and peed all over the floor, squirted bath soap on the bathroom rug (have i mentioned she obsessed with soap?), wrote some checks for me in my checkbook, took her diaper off too many times to count...just to name a few.

Took her to the doctor today...after 2 nights of bad sleep, i just knew and sure you know how many times i have heard "ouchie" when they peek into my childs ears? No, i don't either but it's been a lot! She now has an appointment with a specialist to consult on getting tubes.

I can't believe our little stinker will be 2 on Sunday. She is a bundle of energy!


Journaling My Journey said...
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grammaneir said...

She must have entered the terrible 2's early:) Love you Raegan! Hope your ears feel better soon.