Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's party

Me and my birthday girl. We had a very small family party on Sunday
is this not the cutest balloon?!

eating all the frosting off the cupcake
not gonna look at you guys while your singing to me
present time

after her party she took a 3 hr nap till after 8pm, so Johnny kept her up and i got to cuddle her after i got off work that night. she was so hyper but finally sacked out. She had all her new toys with her in bed. Grandma Seaba got her this stroller and baby doll and she was zipping around with it so fast i couldn't get a picture or at least none of them turned out...so i guess this is the kind of picture you get with a 2 yr old and her stroller :)
the party continued the next day when "the box" from Grandma Neir arrived
Avery is happily taking care of Raegan's new Webkinz online


The Rutledges..... said...

So sweet! She's really growing up, isn't she?!?! Tell her Happy Birthday!! :)

Kerry Shealy said...

She is Beautiful!!!

Amber said...

So cute!

*Maya has a few Webkinz that McKenna takes care of too ;-)!