Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mommy and her babies

right after having her babies on the front porch
we quickly moved them into the garage, and after a few days out of the box and into a basket

Sparkle was acting funny one morning and she kept peeing every where she went, at least we thought it was pee. We were getting ready to go swimming and i went out to check on her cause i had a feeling she might be getting close and found her in the box Trey had gotten ready for her delivering her babies.

The four babies were born on the 10th. She has two gray ones, one black and white one and one gray and white one. They haven't opened their eyes yet but according to my google research, should any day :)

Sparkle is a good momma and let's Trey hold the kitties. He tested her the other day and brought one of the kittens inside and then showed Sparkle where it was. Sparkle came right in, picked it up by the neck and took it back to their basket. Good momma!

Anyone that wants a kitten or knows of anyone that might...we have four cute babies that will need homes in about 5 weeks or so.

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