Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lazy days of summmer

i couldn't even tell you how many times we waited at this door bit it was a lot!
Trey and his cousins

i wonder how many laffy taffy and airheads the pool sells every year???
Raegan did awesome with her floaties, next year should be a breeze!
up and down...up and down...again and again
proof that i was there...oh wait the raccoon eyes were proof enough?
Molly and Ethan were best buds all summer!
treat bags on the last day at the pool

the boys loved throwing each other into the pool
Ethan eating some ice
Avery loved spending her money on nachos this summer...i think she consumed a whole lot a nachos!
I cannot believe summer has come to an end! We spent many a day at the pool. Not all of them were as relaxing as others. Some were spent with a tantrum throwing 1 yr old on my lap who was in desperate need of a nap, some were spent scolding the kids to stop asking for snacks and go play, and some were spent with a grouchy 3 yr old wanting to take off his life jacket (which mommy refused for my peace of mind), but most were spent with the kids playing with their cousins, eating lot's and lot's of snacks, and getting lot's and lot's of sun!

Next year the pool pass will again be a high priority on our purchase list! It saved my sanity this year. The summer did fly by though entirely too fast!

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