Friday, August 14, 2009

Back to school and 600

first day of 5th grade
first day of 3rd grade

"take the picture and get out of her" she didn't actually say it but i'm pretty sure that's what she was thinking :)

This is my 600th post today! I was trying to come up with some unique post for my 600th but i think that will have to wait for my 700th or maybe even 1000th.

Yesterday was the kids first day back to school...why we are starting on the 13 of August i have no idea, seems like it's earlier than last year but i can't really remember. I just know it creeped up on us really fast this year! Possibly because i didn't really want to be done hanging out at the pool!

They had a half day yesterday but today is a full day. This is Trey's last year of elementary because of the change next year of 6th grade being put with middle school. I can't believe how time flies...seriously!

oh and guess what mommy did on the 2nd day of school? I overslept, and when i woke up we had a max of 15 minutes to get out the door, it went surprisingly smooth and we made it on time!


grammaneir said...

Good job kids and mommie - You are growing up too fast. Hope you have a good year Trey and Avery. We love you all!

Barbie Wilson said...

Wow, 600 posts?! I guess it's easier to post when you have such cute kids to post about :) Hope the school year goes well for your kids.