Sunday, August 02, 2009

Canoe trip

feeding the fish at the hatchery
Jason did all the cooking...d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s.
Emma and Avery in their "girl's fort"
the boys in "the boys fort"
all ready to go canoeing
biscuits and gravy for breakfast
Trey with his glasses he found in the river

the girls helped Jason cook one night
me and my quickly growing boy!
crazy boys! the only picture i got that was decent (they had a bit of a hard time keeping these towels on)
standing out in the middle of nowhere trying to get a signal to get on the internet...finally gave up.
what the guys did each morning after leaving music playing all evening

We went canoeing with our friends the Hinkle's this past Thursday- Saturday. It was a great time! The water was freezing but it was a beautiful day on Friday when we canoed (we had one canoe and one raft) I really wanted to take my camera and would have gotten a lot of great pictures on the river but decided i wanted to come home with a no pictures of while we were actually on the river.

Things i learned this weekend...1. i can't steer a canoe to save my life! 2. Jason likes to throw people in freezing cold water multiple times! 3. I never want to get on Melissa's bad side after her taking me under with ease! 3. it's easier just to quickly go under every time they have an urge to throw you in (i learned this a little too late!)

Our boys are only 6 weeks apart and are best of buds so it was fun seeing them play (and fight) all weekend.

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