Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Trick or treat

Two out of the four changed their minds at the last minute about what they wanted to wear for a costume this year. Raegan was going to be a cheer leader until she found this princess dress in the back of her closet (honestly i had forgotten about it or it would have been out a lot sooner!) She was a princess from that day forward, including halloween! Trey changed his plan last minute as well and that big tall trick or treater, i don't even know who he is...he just jumped in the picture! Ok, you know i'm lying about that one...

Avery got asked if she was Paris Hilton in jail...i thought that was hilarious! Avery said Huh??

the little princess only wiped out once with about 15 other almosts...

the scuba guy!

we went out for pizza after trick or treating. we were all starving since we had dinner late!

Ethan was still chewing his pizza when he fell asleep! We were all giggling and taking pictures and he woke up and got upset that we were laughing...once trey and avery said, "no we are laughing at the show on tv" (little white lie) he went right back fast asleep!

he was a tired little ironman!


Val said...

That's great! I love the story about Ethan! =) All the costumes look fab.

Michelle said...

Ethan falling asleep at the table is the cutest thing ever! What fun to go for pizza after all the trick-or-treating! :)

savita said...


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