Sunday, November 21, 2010

My polka dots

You are 3 years old Raegan. You are such a little sweetie. You curl up in your little bed under your pink silkie blankie at nap time and say "love you soo much!" You like to brush your own hair in the morning and "make yourself pretty". You love to go outside with your siblings but still can't open the front door to come back in so you stand outside it and yell with all your might till someone comes running. You steal my work coin purse whenever you can and unload all the change all over the house and then magically make the coin purse disappear for days on end! You love cheese! You still drink your applejuice half watered down with water. You are very picky about what you wear! You would wear this little polka dot dress every single day and be completely happy! I have to hide it somedays and then you still come walking in with it on! You love your new converse pink tennis shoes i just got you and usually wear them with this dress when you don't have mommy's boots on. You are so full of personality right now! I love you being three sweetie!

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Barbie said...

She is such a cutie!