Thursday, November 11, 2010


I took Raegan and Avery to visit a new dermatologist at CMH on Tuesday. I feel like we have just been stuck in a rut with their skin. Some days/times of year are worse than others that's for sure (their eczema is flared by allergies unlike some that get worse in the winter, winter for us is our best time of year). I've mentioned to some that i've been very concerned about Avery's pigment on her legs, even though i've always been told it will return. This summer it was pretty bad! We have used steroids on her skin since she was a baby and that concerns me of course but you do what you got to do.

I really like the lady we saw. She assured me that most of the areas on Avery still have some pigment and will re-pigment once the skin is healed or at least not inflamed but that it takes about the course of a year after it heals to re-pigment. That was encouraging! She does have one spot on her ankle where the pigment is is completely gone. I am not sure why but she told me to watch to see if any other spots showed up like that.

She changed both Raegan and Avery's skin care regimen up completely...trying some new ointments, adding some more anti-histamine to what they already take (avery takes three different pills a day, her body is a histamine making machine!)

We are going back in a month so this next month i am going to try to be super faithful to get them moisturized 2-3 times a day and see if with all of these new things we can really help them get cleared up!

Bleach baths, wet wraps, chilled vaseline (the girls like this new little idea one of the nurses gave me), a basket of ointments (that i spent yesterday, labeling what part of body and who they go on for daddy), a big tub of super thick cream and a cupboard full of antihistamines. I always get inspired after their dermatology appointments to tackle the eczema and get them all healed up :)

Oh and also, as of yesterday Avery has graduated to every three weeks allergy shots! Here is to hoping! (she, for the past three years has gone right back to weekly every time we have gone to every other week. this is the first time we have gone to every three weeks...crossing my fingers...


June said...

Wow! What a pain. I am glad about Avery's legs. I am sure that is a relief. So, do they have any idea why it is just your girls and your boys don't have it? Kind of interesting.

Paula said...

I hope both the girls get some relief!

A Family of Love said...

We have been dealing with skin issues with our son (who is 2) for about 2 months now! We see a new dermatologist on Monday to get a second opinion.