Monday, November 08, 2010

Grandma's 90th

The kids and i went on a little road trip Saturday to Salina to celebrate my Grandma Tucker's 90th birthday! They had a reception at Salina Bible Church where my grandparents went to church for many years when they lived in Salina.

Raegan hopped right up beside Grandma and stayed there for quite awhile

Grandma and 16 of her 24 great grandchildren!

Grandma and 5 of her 6 grandchildren

the boys taking a little cake break

Raegan and Brooklyn raiding the mint plate!

The kids and i went on to Hutch for the evening and came back Sunday afternoon to stretch the trip just a little.

Happy Birthday Grandma! We all love you bunches!

Oh, and if you see this Dorothy...thanks a bunch for taking pictures for me! :)

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