Friday, November 05, 2010

"I wanna run"

"I need to train so i can get faster mommy!", "can i run on the treadmill? pleeease?!", "did you want to be a runner when you grew up?" The little guy loves it! He would run on the treadmill every morning if i let him. Some mornings i do. I only usually let him go a half mile, partly because i think that's all the farther his little legs need to go right now and partly because i am a nervous nelly while he is on the worried that he will trip and fall. Oh and did i mention he is up on the new trend of barefoot running? Who needs shoes??

He knows how to get wired up and knows how to start the treadmill all on his own

he runs with the treadmill on 5...pretty impressive for a 5 year old if i may say so myself :)
today he wasn't ready to stop at a half mile so i let him go another quarter of a mile. I really wished i loved to run on the treadmill as much as him!! It's that season when i'm having to get back on it. I hope winter flies by!!

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Val said...

That's amazing! I can't believe he can run that far - and in his jammmies, no less! =)