Monday, November 15, 2010

I am thankful for

With Thanksgiving season i thought i would write down some of the many things i am thankful for...

In no particular order...after the first one that is!

*my salvation! the fact that Jesus loved me enough to die for me and is in heaven preparing a place for me to live for eternity! how awesome is that!?

*for our cozy little house that i am often times tempted to complain about, but truly am very thankful for.

*mini butterfinger candy bars...though my waistline is not thankful!

*the fact that we just paid off our van and the fact that in a couple of months our other one will be paid off as well...i'm also thankful that God is going to answer my prayer and keep them running strong for some time! i have an ongoing conversation with God about this!

*a husband that loves me and would do anything for me!

*naptime!! this is also know as sanity time around here when i can catch my breath!

*our four healthy though rowdy children and for the fact that 3 of them have accepted Jesus as their Saviour!!

*my parents! i can't even count the number of things my parents have done for us and helped us with as adults, let alone growing up! from formula for my babies, gutters for the house...i could go on and on!

*Klove radio station! i am always so encouraged by music and my kids know almost all the songs and sing along as well.

*John's parents! his parents help us out soo much with the kids and have since they were all tiny babies! i'm sure they can't count the number of sleepless nights they have had with our kids when they were babies cause i know they had a number of them!

*pumpkin spice and mulled cider candles!

*friends both old and new!

*for the times when walmart has more than two checkout lanes open!!

*for steady jobs for both John and i.

*that i didn't have a dead bird on my doorstep this morning!

*for God's grace and forgiveness!

*for unlimited text messaging and a non-ancient phone finally!

*for the fact that Raegan is finally #2 potty trained Ha, that's just what you wanted to hear) no seriously, for all sanity's a good thing!

*for all the nice comments that many of you have left here on my blog over the years! i was going back reading old posts and comments the other night. some from ones that probably don't even ready my blog anymore but fun to read.

*and last but not least all that turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes that we are all gearing up for right??

I'm thankful! What is something you are thankful for?


The Lanker Family said...

Great blog! I may have to do one of these, if I can ever get back into blogging.

I am thankful for 3 awesome sisters that I get to spend time with very soon!(can't wait!!)

Michelle said...

Very good list!
If you have any good potty-training tips for my 2 year old, let me know! :)

Journaling My Journey said...

What a nice blog. Thanks for taking the time to do it!

Barbie said...

I am thanful for God's patience with me.
That was a great post, Elisa!