Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The "party"

This is my 799th post...almost 5 years...almost 800 posts...what to do for my 800th post??

We had Raegan's "party" aka- cupcakes around the table with the family with a couple of presents Monday night. And by the way...she is still two...she says so emphatically!

giving her own little pose with her box from Grandma

we are still working on this pose...mommy had to place the thumb over the pinky and it lasted for the picture

her new pink teddy bear


Barbie said...

How cute! She is such a treasure! Happy 3rd Birthday, Raegan!

June said...

I just looked and I have done 1,022 posts since 2005. Crazy. Now if I could get my picture service put onto this different computer I could add to that. I can't post now with any pics. Boring.