Sunday, August 08, 2010

First 5k

Trey ran his first 5k this morning! He did great finishing in 31:56. in that time he even managed to stomp on about 15 cups (after the water station, he got a little side tracked) It had some hills on the course and he wasn't a big fan of those! Going up one of the last hills and with the finish line within a half mile i said "cmon Trey, the finish line is just around the corner", to which he replied "yea, while my barf is right here (pointing to his neck)...made me laugh!

Daddy ended up running with us. He was not going to because of the trouble he has been having with his ankle but decided yesterday to do it anyway.

We crossed the finish line all three of us together. Since i didn't take my camera, actually forgot my camera would be more like it, we snapped a couple shots once we got home...

a friend of mine from work was able to come and run with us too. it was a fun time, thanks for joining us Christina!

I am very proud of my boy for completing his fist 5k and can't wait to watch him run cross country this fall!


June said...

Yay, Trey! Great job. Rachel said it was packed down there and very hot! Going to run the KC Marathon 5K? Maggie wants to. This could get expensive. :)

grammaneir said...

Good job Trey and for Mom & Dad doing it with you. Great fun.

Val said...

Way to go Trey!!! His comment about his barf cracked me up. =) He must of been doing alright if he still had a sense of humor!