Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Gonna send him to the circus

Yesterday we went to the St Louis city museum. My pictures did not turn out well there but i didn't have that many anyway because trying to find your kids was a task like no other! If they drop in a hole you never know what tunnel they take and where they may come out! The kids loved it. I climbed through more small spaces than i am comfortable with...

Last night we went to Union Station, the kids had eyed something they really wanted to do. I knew the oldest two would be flipping away but i didn't know what a flipping little crazy man Ethan was. He flipped from the start and didn't stop flipping the whole time. He flipped so much that he was looking a little dizzy, his head just kinda flopping...i laughed the whole time!

Trey was flipping away too

Avery couldn't wait to do some flips. her hair was cracking me up!

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Michelle said...

What a fun vacation!
Makes me inspired to do something fun like that with our family!