Monday, August 02, 2010

All aboard

After a good three and a half hours of sleep i was woke up with a tap on the shoulder and my Avery, who never wakes up early and is like trying to wake the dead saying "is it almost vacation time??" I told her she could go back to sleep for an hour but she said she couldn't sleep...

We headed down to Union Station at 6 am. A six hour train ride is plenty long with 17 cousins. Any longer and we may have been pulling out some belts and rigging seat belts. It was just so darn exciting to hit that black button and walk back and forth between cars, visit the snack car, and go to the bathroom or get a drink of water, who knows how many umpteenth times.

We hit the pool once we all got settled into our hotel at Union Station here in St. Louis and just took it pretty easy tonight. My sister, brother in law and i went for a run to the closest walgreens for some things we forgot. We are on foot for the week so we should get plenty of exercise which is a great thing since we will have 1000's of calories to burn off with all this free food our hotel has every night, and pop and's great!

So here are some pictures of our travel day...

waiting to board the train in Kansas City

"we have little tables!"
it was silly band craziness. we had gotten a great deal off of Woot and they had waited to get them today

little miss -i love to not be in a seat belt-
getting off the train at Union Station in St. Louis

we had a little fourth of a mile walk to our hotel...that doesn't sound like far but it seems like a ways when you are hauling all kinds of luggage!

about five minutes after getting off the train and being put in the stroller that was it for Raegan!

while waiting for the 5:30 kickback, we walked around Union Station. have you ever been to the fudgery? this guy wouldn't let anyone by without chanting with him. i think about 4 or 5 of us got eyed or yelled at...trey's description of this guy was "that dude was crazy!" he was!

the little ones were starting to really show me how tired they were around 7:30 so i put them in bed and put on a movie and this was not too long after. This first day of vacation wore them out!

Tomorrow is City Museum day...


Val said...

Oh my gosh, the kids are all so blonde!!! All that summer sun... =) Have a great vacay!

Barbie said...

How fun! Great idea to ride the train! (Wish I could ride one lol.)
Have a super, fun vacation :)