Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Arch

We walked to the Arch on Wednesday. This was the first time our kids had been up in the Arch. We had driven by it many times, so they were excited to go up in it.

i'm not sure why raegan was covering her ears??

we walked to the Old Spagetti Factory to eat after the arch. we were a hungry bunch and thank goodness we had a waiter that was great with kids!

then walked down to the mississippi river

the girls were thinking that taking the metro back sounded more inviting than walking another 2 miles so my three sisters and i and all 17 of our kids got metro passes while the dads went walking some more around the city. It was just a tad stressful getting all the kids on and off the train in 4.5 seconds...not something we are just dying to do again, but the 5 minute ride back was great!

We are just relaxing around the hotel today since our train doesnt leave until later this afternoon. I'm really not ready for our little trip to be over...

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