Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First day of school 2010

School is underway! I couldn't hang on to summer, it slipped away...i know, whine, whine, whine! Trey had his 6th grade orientation day on Monday and will be off in the morning to his first full day! I will be a nervous nelly mom all day waiting to hear that he made it to all his classes, made it to lunch with his id card, had no trouble with his locker... and then i will breathe a sigh of relief when i'm sure i will hear that it all went alright! He is not so fond of school morning pictures anymore...

off to middle school!

Avery had her first day of 4th grade today! She has the same teacher that Trey had in 4th grade so she is excited about that. This is the first year that Avery has banned me from taking pictures in her class. I settled for a quick shot outside the school with a "hurry mommy" and a quick shot outside her classroom doors since there wasn't anyone else in the hallway! Again just a reminder that they are growing up :)

Hope you two have an awesome year!!

Oh, and i told my youngest two tonight..."guess what we get to do tomorrow?! we get to take naps!" "but why??" was the response i got, i have no idea why they didn't share mommy's excitement!

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Wendy said...

LOL!! but why mommy?! glad to hear that they did nap well anyways!! Love the back to school pictures! Mine don't like taking them either but I tell them they do not have a choice! ;) Hope they had great days back