Friday, August 13, 2010

Lazy days at the pool

Fun dip by the box, cups of crushed ice, sitting in the front of the line sweating for our chairs, sunscreening more shoulders, backs, tummies and noses than i can count, a salty soft pretzel with cheese...mmm, these are a few of the things that our pool days were made up of. And, do i have pictures? well yes, of course i have pictures...

the "big" kiddie slide that raegan decided to finally go down after the whole summer of refusing. this picture was her first time down!

the snacking boys

taking a little break from the pool

cousins...evan, micah, owen and trey

ethan and molly graduated from their life jackets this year within the first few weeks of summer, although i still made ethan wear his when jumping off the diving board

did i mention fun dip?

maggie, malia and avery

i believe they call this the "butt bomb" or so i am told

this past wednesday was the last weekday it was open and they had free massages. my sisters and i were all told our necks were a little screwed up...about 10 minutes later we were sitting out in the pool with about 5 of our little ones all climbing all over us and some of our older ones attacking us with water and someone said "i have no idea why our necks would be screwed up?! ha!

I am already missing our pool days and can't wait till next summer!


Beki - TheRustedChain said...

You had me at "salty soft pretzel". YUM!!!

June said...

We went Sat and Sunday and there was no one there from 12-1 at all. I swam laps on Sunday and had the entire pool to myself. You will have to come out on some weekends.