Monday, August 23, 2010

The baby turns 3

3 years old!

mommy and her birthday girl...then and now

She is not a baby anymore, but she will always be the "baby" of the family! I am pretty sure the birthday girl has been on a mission all day to destroy the house. She has become the "bag lady"...she fills bags with stuff and then dumps it all over the place ...i hope this is not a sign for what the threes will bring with her, she was a tornado in her twos!

She brings so much happiness to our house. She is feisty, sweet, funny and strong willed. She loves to say "but why mommy?" She does not like to hold my hand in a parking may see me half-dragging her, but i have her hand by golly! She likes to hide under clothes racks, she has to have a map every time we go to worlds of fun, she falls a lot! She takes her siblings things and runs like the wind, she loves to play barbies with her big sister, she loves to have her nails painted, she hates getting water in her ears in the bath tub! She says the cutest prayers ever, she always tells trey and avery she loves them when they go to school, she grabs daddy's cheeks when she kisses him. She hates taking her medicine at night, she gives me at least three hugs before i go to work, she is not poty trained but will go on the potty, she is a handful. She is loved SO much!!

We love you Raegan! You are a super sweet three year old and we can't imagine our family without you! Happy Birthday!!

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Val said...

Wow, you were pregnant with Raegan when I first started following your blog, and now she's 3!!! Happy Birthday Raegan. She's so much fun. =)