Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Spring soccer 2010

In stead of taking my camera to every game, i decided to pick one day to get all my pictures in. This past Saturday we had a full day at the fields, having rain makeup games. It was hot and humid, but i will take that anyday over cold! They have two more games. One tonight and then the final one on Saturday. They each had a great season, Trey was so much more aggressive this year. Avery has never really struggled with being aggressive, she continued to get right in there.They both did great and they could probably tell you how many goals they each had but i'm not sure. Here is our day in pictures...

goal #1 for Trey!

goal #2!

i don't think there is a caption really necessary for this one!

these boys have played soccer together since 1st grade! they work so good together!

just chillin in the chair to fight over!

Seth's dad coached them this season!

Avery taking the ball towards the goal!

half time

peek-a boo mommy

Avery and her friends that she plays with. hopefully we can keep these girls playing together for the next couple of years too! She and Emma have played together for three years now!

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