Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First summer outing

We started out our summer vacation heading to the zoo with some friends! We have not been to the zoo in a very long time and i was reminded just how long it had been when i saw how many changes had been made to the KC zoo...i think i was 7 months pregnant last time trying to keep up with a bunch of first graders the last time...

I didn't take any pictures of animals but i took some pictures of some some other little wild things...

we ate our picnic lunch and thankfully didn't realize there was a wasps nest right where mine and Lincoln's knees were till the very end!

Avery didn't get the memo that we were taking a picture...she was busy being a water fountain

the kids loved climbing around in the big tree

catching a little shade!

Ethan and his buddy Westin were dying to see some crocodiles!

we rode the train around a couple of times...the breeze was so nice!

Raegan and Lincoln dragging behind...they were having discussions about who would carry the fan

Raegan would not ride on an animal. She wanted to sit on the benches,
these three on the other hand wanted to ride each and every animal on the carousel! I let them go about three maybe it was four more times but after almost dozing off i thought we better get off or i might curl up on the bench and go to sleep. It was a little too relaxing!

We had a great time! The kids made me promise that we would go back sometime this summer and watch the sea lion show since they have mastered their sea lion voices. I wish i had a little video of them running around calling out to the sea lions...good thing no zoo keepers were around, they may have been mistaken for sea lions, captured and kept at the zoo!


Val said...

So fun! I love Raegan's sunkissed cheeks. =) What a great zoo!

grammaneir said...

Nice pictures Elisa - you went to the zoo again - the kids are what make it fun, right?!

Brad said...

We are so glad we could go with you guys. We had a great time sweating it out together! It's been fun getting to know all your kids! You have a beautiful family.