Sunday, May 02, 2010

Let's grow out of this baby

My two year old has an obsession. It is writing on herself with anything she can get her little hands on. Today, she happened upon a red Sharpie!! If you have ever seen your child like this, you understand the panic that goes through your head about where else the Sharpie may have been used! I saw one little mark on the desk and thought "well at least arms and legs are washable" Five minutes before i had to walk out the door from work i heard Johnny say "uuh Elisa!"...Our artist decided that her canvas of choice today (besides her entire body) was two couch cushions, the arm of the couch and the arm of the recliner....

I wanted to cry, i grabbed the resolve and started spraying while Johnny started scrubbing and had to say "good luck, please try hard to get it out!" as i walked out the door to work...he did a fantastic job! It is off the couch cushions, barely visible on the other two places and i just finished scrubbing it off the wood floor (the couch just wasn't enough for her) I am relieved to say the least, because earlier this evening i thought my couch was ruined!

What on earth to do with this girl...i will start with ridding the house of any and all sharpies! We keep them all up but obviously one got left out! I don't even want them in my house! They are outta here!


Paula said...

LOL That is too funny. We saw the marker on her legs and Monica Brooks thought it was her eczema. ;)

Val said...

Man, nothing sets off the Hulk in me more than marker on anything other than paper! So glad to hear that your couch was saved!!!