Saturday, May 08, 2010

And the winner is...

We had a blast this morning. Our family is an avid watcher of the "Amazing Race" ...we love the show! When we heard that our ABF class at church had an upcoming "Amazing Race" that they put on we were pumped...of course we wouldn't be jumping on any planes and traveling across the world but we would be zipping all around our city in our minivan only running one , maybe two barely red lights!

Johnny got to eat a chinese cuisine ingredient, a century far one of the grossest things i have ever seen! we three girls (that were there at the time) got to watch our hubbies gag trying to get them down...i will NOT be kissing johnny today, period!

After 15 legs we were neck and neck with some friends of ours, arriving at the last place (we didn't know it was the last) right together. The last challenge was to dig in a huge pile salt and sand mix till you found a red quarter. We lucked out on this one when after 3 scoops i eyed one and grabbed it and we were off to the finish line...woohoo "team seaba" :0)

We had a total blast like i said before, we actually didn't fight at all, we thought we might a little...who us? did i say that? We ran a lot! We drove fast! We had some great competition! We finished first! We can't wait till next year! oh and our class sponsors rock for putting it all together! I'm sure none of them read my blog but a big thanks to them!

The blogger in me wished i could have gotten a few pictures along the way...but there was no time for pictures. at all!

In case you can't read the inscription on our trophy we won today. "for flushing the competition!"


Brad said...

You guys were so much fun to race against! I still can't believe you beat us out at the end, we so should have had you guys. It was a blast though, and we are just going to have to start training earlier for next year's race, like maybe the day before:)


Val said...

How fun! I'd love something like that. =) Congrats to both of you! =)

Journaling My Journey said...

Glad you had such a good time together!

Tina... said...

that is awesome!! i wanna play...i think?!?