Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gearing up

I am gearing up for summer. The kids have six and a half days of school left! Every year i am kinda thrown by the chaos that going from a certain schedule everyday to nada....don't get me wrong i love to sleep in, i love being able to be lazy in the mornings, but i like how the schedule helps me get up and around and getting things done...i get in a routine. Summertime comes and that routine get's thrown out the window, kid's don't nap well because of older siblings home in their rooms, kids want to skip breakfast but snack all day long, kids are lucky if they get their teeth brushed at the beginning of the day, their is a lot of fighting, too much television watching.... SO, i spent a good part of an hour today setting out my summer rules (i'm totally about letting the kids have fun and enjoy their summer, there just needs to be some order to our day) and a whole new behavior/points system that we are going to try out. I now just need to go buy a big white board of some sort or come up with a keeping track if you have any grand ideas in that dept i am all ears.

I have it all written down, down to how many marks get's what consequense and have gone over some of it with the kids and they seem to like the idea. They might not think it is so great that they get computer time and television time completely taken away for too many marks...

We are excited about Worlds of Fun opening on Friday nights this weekend. We have only been able to go two times so far because of our busy weekends with soccer games and things. Friday night is our family night and i can't wait to go scream with my kids on the prowler!! That ride is crazy by the it!

This is just to break up all my writing...this is the coveted spot on the couch. I can't tell you how many fits are thrown because of this spot. Ethan was such a peace maker today. He said "let's share the spot raegan" and they did! This picture makes a mommy just want to tickle those little bellies! It really wasn't midriff (sp?) day at our house today, i promise!

I'm running a 5k with a couple of friends from small group this Saturday, so we are hoping for decent thunderstorms would be fantastic!

I realized just how tired i was today when i got to car line up about 40 minutes early today (wasn't worth going all the way home and back) i could not keep my eyes open, raegan was sacked out and so i set my alarm (i didn't want to be that car everyone's honking at cause i was fast asleep when the line started moving) and sacked out for the next 40 minutes. Ethan kept jabbering to me and i kept saying "mommy just needs to rest her eyes for a little bit, can you sit quiet and draw for a bit?" He was a good boy :)

Hope your having a good week, i am ready for the rain to go bye bye and the sunshine to move on in!


Val said...

The whiteboard - great idea! Yeah, I'm afraid that my running habits will go down the drain once I don't have to wake up and take Mackenzie to school. =(

I haven't done the car-nap thing, but I've definitely done the equivalent! "Mommmy"

grammaneir said...

Sounds like you are making good plans - lots of your Dad in you!
You are such a busy mommy - praying for you and love you.