Monday, May 17, 2010

Global Orphan Project

I didn't really know much about the Global Orphan Project. I knew our church had sent a group to Haiti after the earthquake with that organization and i had see the video and heard the touching stories.

I was invited by a friend to run a 5k put on by the organization. I wanted to do it, not only for the fun of running it, but what a great cause to run for!

The head guy, Mike Fox was let out ahead of the entire race group 2 minutes and some odd seconds, as we stood there waiting for our turn to go they said "every second represents a million orphans"! That really got me, a million per second...Wow! The motivation behind them letting him out early other than to represent the orphans around the world was anyone who could catch or pass him was entered into a drawing. I did see him a ways up ahead but he finish almost 2 minutes ahead of me...i have this thing about 2 minutes... (going over my goal in the half marathon by two minutes...)

I hadn't run a 5k since pre-kids. I have been focusing on longer distances which i love, but i forgot how much i loved the 5k. I mean, it's over before you know long drawn out pain, ha! I set my goal as wanting to be under 27 minutes and my official time was 22:17, so i was happy! The rain held off for us till after the race so it was just a nice cool morning, perfect for running!

I did learn that every penny you give to the Global Orphan Project goes straight to the orphans, which i think is awesome! For more information on this great organization visit this site

Oh and i think i found some new running partners! Thanks Karlynn and Molly, it was fun and we will do it again! :)


Val said...

Hey, we know a Mike Fox from that area who has been involved with the Children's Home here! I wonder if he's one and the same... anyway, cool idea letting him out early to put the project into perspective.

Hello? 22:something? You're amazing! We're doing a 5K this weekend and I don't think even Josh will run it that fast!

Val said...

I just went to the web site that you posted...same guy! That's fun. His daughter lived here and worked at the children's home for almost a year, I think.

John and Elisa Seaba said...

Wow small world, that's cool. A friend of ours from small group went to haiti with him.

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

That's amazing!!

What a great idea.

Marilee We Roll Along said...

Elisa, GREAT JOB!!