Monday, November 09, 2009


Friday night we decided to go out to eat with the kids. Dinner out these days is not a relaxing experience by an means. We first threatened the kids about their behavior (due to a previous bad experience) besides a few little spats between the kids, the oldest three did great. It's just my little, non-stop moving 2 year old that exhausts me these days on pretty much any outing! We have started letting her sit in a chair, i know first mistake you say...if we don't want her to serenade the restaurant with her screams, and that we don't... so we compromise...she is two

She is up and down on her chair and all around climbing onto mommy's lap, smearing queso on mommy's clothes, dropping her fork umpteen times, going into her crying fit if just everything is not perfectly to her liking...she is two

After dinner we patiently (pretending to be patient) wait for the whole payment process, while our monkey has had it...she is breaking out and we are quickly losing control...she is two

She yanks away when i try to pick her up to exit the restaurant "i walk" she says but then refuses to hold daddy's hand into the parking lot and so get's picked up and proceeds with the -stiffen body and scream and writhe around routine-anyone who has not had the fun of putting a screaming stiff bodied tantrum throwing two year old into her car seat, well, either your fun is yet to come or you are beyond that stage...bless your actually bless mine right now...she is two!!

Apparently i am not the only on exhausted by this dinner outing, for five minutes after i put her in bed this is how i found our little two year old.


Don and Roberta Graber said...

Gotta love those 2 year olds. They are so special. I love having a class of 2 year olds. Don't worry, she'll be 3 in no time at all.

Crystal said...

Do you think that maybe it's the fact that she is the youngest and two combined? I know Thomas will probably be like that at 2. He yells at his siblings now at 15 months. Just to let you know, I have my share of such outings. :/ Girls esp. can be so stubborn and independent, but dependent at the same time. Confuses me! This too shall pass....right?

John and Elisa Seaba said...

yes crystal, i think your right. my youngest two have to be pretty feisty! my girls have both been my independent ones..."i do it myself" i hear alot every time she is throwing a tantrum i say that phrase to myself "this too shall pass" :)