Sunday, November 22, 2009

Avery got baptized

before church
waiting her turn...there were 10 being baptized today

Avery has been SO excited for today because today she got baptized! She went forward last November after a presentation by David Wood of Jesus death on the cross and prayed to ask Jesus to come into her heart.

She has been very hesitant to get baptized and we have not pushed her saying she could do it when she felt ready. She needed to be assured often the past year that she would go to Heaven regardless if she had been baptized or not but that she was just showing outwardly the decision she had made inwardly. She decided today was the day...her cousins Kassidy and Kasey got baptized along with her so that was extra special for her. She has been excitedly waiting for Sunday so that she could get baptized!

We are so proud of you Avery! We pray you grow up to be a godly young lady!


Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Congratulations on your baptism! What a wonderful day that you also get to share with your cousins. I share my baptism day with my grandma, my mom and my sister. When I met my husband, my baptism day turned out to be on his birthday.

Barbie Wilson said...

Congratulations, Avery! I can imagine how special it was for Avery to be baptized by her grandpa, and in the brand-new building!

It was good to see you on Sunday morning =)

Kerry Shealy said...

She is so beautiful!