Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The monkeys are all gone

just getting to the pre-op room and she was in no way interested in being there at first
once they brought a car in she started warming up to the place!
she found gummy treats in the diaper bag and wanted them SO bad
coloring this bear kept her occupied for a good 30 minutes!
in recovery after she did away with the hospital gown

After two years of frequent doctors visits to get Raegan's ears checked there will be no more ear check visits wondering if she has an ear infection. According to what they tell me, we will now know that there is infection because her ears will drain fluid when she does...and the best part...she won't need antibiotics, we will just start putting drops right in her ear if she does start having drainage!

After what seemed like all night of dreaming that she had woke up and gotten a juice herself and then we had to cancel surgery....we got up and watched some Dora (helped distract from our daily morning juice) We headed to the hospital and had a little physical to make sure she was good to go...then headed down to same day surgery and got all checked in. She played in the cars and colored her doll that they gave her to keep her occupied.

It was finally her turn to go. As they came in to start getting her ready to go she started to cling. I walked part way down the hallway with them, the nurse carrying her and as it was my turn to exit to the waiting room kissed her and she started bawling.

The surgery was quick and easy and i was back with her in no time at all. She already had a brand new sippy cup with juice by the time i got back to her.

As i sat in the waiting room and overheard stories of other families talking about their son who has cancer, another Grandma that kept breaking down over in a corner, i couldn't help but be thankful that i had a healthy child...my child was there for a simple procedure of getting tubes in her ears...i will never take the health of my children for granted and am so thankful that so far God has provided good health to them! We have our minor issues, but nothing major or life threatening that so may others have to deal with! With Thanksgiving this week, Thank you Lord for my children's health!

Oh yeah, and to explain the title...every time we go to the dr i always say "they need to check to see if there are any monkeys in your ears" it has always seemed to help make her settle down and let them look in. So today has been called "the day we go get the monkeys out of your ears day" No more monkeys please!

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Barbie Wilson said...

I'm so glad to hear everything went well! You're a great mother, Elisa. You do such a good job with your children =)