Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things that make you

need to take slow deep breaths into a paper bag...well not actually, but almost! T-minus 2 minutes till needing to walk out the door for a birthday party, hair is getting brushed, shoes being put on...and suddenly i smell a strong odor that makes my heart skip a beat especially since all old enough to touch the stuff is in the same room that i am in...i enter the room and sweet little angel so innocently looks up at me taking a break from painting her baby doll as i let out a half scream, half moan! I quickly grabbed her arms screaming for a wet wipe, as her hands were covered. I was in no frame of mind to take pictures at the time but here is the damage that she did. It looks like such a small little spot on the rug in the picture but it's pretty much done for, although i am doing my research on how to get nail polish out of a rug...oh Raegan!!

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Crystal said...

This has happend to me too many times to count already!'s so hard to get out too. I let my kids have messed up looking baby dolls though :)As for the rug and jeans. Good luck! It's difficult to get off of anything, much less a beautiful white rug!