Saturday, November 07, 2009

A hiking we will go

this is what we got when we said "silly faces"

this is the point that Raegan was officially done walking. She got comfy and started playing in the leaves, not caring if she got left behind.
Ethan and Raegan- these two can be such good buddies but let me tell you, they can fight with the best of them!

We slept in today, was very nice. Raegan woke me yelling that she wanted to watch Max and Ruby, her new tv show obsession. Between Dora and that we just go back and forth. I went for a run and then came home and the whole family got ready to go for a hike. We went to Ernie Miller Nature Center and hiked for two hours. The last time we went hiking there, Ethan was a baby and we carried him in the bjorn. This time all walked until that is Raegan decided she had had enough. She wanted to be carried and that was that. And besides that she wanted noone to carry her except for mommy. That girl is getting quite heavy!

Trey wanted to take every trail that led off the main path, Ethan and Avery loved going over the water so they could "cool their sweaty faces off". It was a fun time, but we were all pretty tired after two hours of hiking and were ready to get back to the van! What a beautiful November day it was today...very warm! Just like i like it!

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June said...

Oh yeah, Molly and Raegan watched a lot of Max and Ruby that night I watched her. We have noggin/pbs/nick jr ON DEMAND! Molly is a little obsessed with a few shows herself and doesn't understand when we are somewhere else and she cant watch exactly what she wants to watch RIGHT NOW! Gramma is going to have fun this week if she doesn't have on demand tv. :)

Cute picture!