Thursday, November 19, 2009

Comic relief

Trey is a nut. Hmmm...who does he take after?? We have been eating at home a lot lately and their is never a shortage of laughter at the dinner table! (along of course with a lot of "settle down, that's enoughs, and get busy and eat") And if you think that Avery is quiet all the time, come peek in at dinner time...she has her silly button on! She will admit to you she is a clutz. We tell her this, it is no secret. She spills things, runs into things....she and daddy have a joke. Every time she knocks something over and spills it (almost every meal) daddy says "did you turn your brain off again avery?' and she will say "i guess so", and turn an imaginary switch on her head to "turn her brain back on".Trey says he wants to be steve erkel for halloween next year.

My dad is having knee surgery today after tearing his acl, mcl and meniscus a couple of weeks ago. My mom has a stress fracture after completing the half-marathon, so they have been quite the pair. Praying that surgery goes well today and that they both heal nicely. I'm sure both of them will be happy to put their boots, braces in the closet for good once this is all over. At least if anyone has an injury we have a new orthopedic supply store in Hutch at the Neir house :)

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The Rutledges..... said...

Such a great kid! I do believe in arranged marriage. ;-)