Thursday, November 12, 2009


Trey- is in strings at school and plays the viola. I will have to get a picture of him practicing. The boy loves to talk. He loves to have me sit on his bed at night and talk about anything and everything. He loves his kitten and is already planning it's 1 yr birthday party in August! He fell after church last night and twisted his ankle so is limping around today. He is a wiz at spelling he says "it's almost feels like i'm cheating, it feels like i have spelling -check in my brain" if only we could switch on the math-check in his brain! :)

Avery is still always in a book. I love watching her with her room...she always has it perfect, she makes her bed, she organizes and has everything just so. She, unlike Trey does not have spell-check in her brain and struggles with spelling. She on the other hand does not struggle with math quite like he does. She pulled out her loose tooth on Tuesday and started screaming "i did it, i did it!" then started looking for the tooth but must have swallowed it because we never found it. She wrote a note of explanation to the tooth fairy.

Ethan is all about doing whatever his big brother is doing. He plays clone troopers, plays with Trey's transformers (this upsets Trey) and i catch him every now and then playing with the nintendo ds. As soon as i start cooking dinner, he starts panicking and asking what we are having and if he is going to have to eat the meat portion of the meal. He is at a very lovey stage and often comes and kisses my hand just to be sweet. He is still an awesome napper. He sleeps about 3 hrs for me every day.

Raegan is all about max and ruby and dora these days. She does not understand yet that when it goes to commercial that it will come back on so freaks out at every commercial. She is learning her manners well and uses please and thank you pretty well. She tooted in the store the other day and said "exxxcuuse me, i pooped". She is also napping great for me these days. She is getting tubes in her ears on November 24th due to her too many to count ear infections!

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grammaneir said...

We love you Trey, Avery, Ethan and Reagan. Love you read all your Mommy writes about you.