Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Two ninjas, a flower and a cowgirl

avery making her little spider night lite
avery and her little flower
Trey and his harley davidson teacher
trey and his buddy drake
hanging out a little bit with ethan and raegan
ready to go around to a few neighbors before heading to trunk-or-treat
gotham city
making their rounds for the ???? time
ethan and his good friend samantha
a tuckered out little flower at the end of the night
trey and braden going at it

There were two days for the kids to dress up this year. The kids school class parties were on Friday, so i dressed the little kids up that day too and then on Saturday we had trunk-or-treat at the church.

We now have entirely too much candy floating around our house....the kids teeth may rot and johnny and i are probably going to gain about 10 lbs each!

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Val said...

Oh my goodness, Raegan's flower costume is so so so cute! They all look great. Your trunk looked awesome! I wish we could've been there. The kids loved it last year.