Thursday, October 08, 2009

Why i do this

I got out of the shower Sat. and heard the kids talking and giggling. When i came out this is what they were doing. Scrolling down page after page and talking about each post and the pictures. It made me happy, gave me a good feeling. Since i am now 6 years behind on scrapbooking, i have decided that i will more than likely never get back to it. Instead, i PLAN to have my blog made into books since they have handy places that do that for you...and tada! Scrapbooks they will have!

Don't look at my messy is in desperate need of an organizational makeover that i haven't come up with yet! I see you looking!

1 comment:

Barbie Wilson said...

How neat that your children enjoyed reading your blog! (And don't worry about the dis-organization...we ALL have areas like that in our houses LOL!)