Wednesday, October 28, 2009


An animal in the bed...touching the sheets?? Had you asked me a year ago if i would be allowing a kitten in my sons bed you would have heard a resounding "NO"! I'm getting soft in my old age. I hear "can he just go to sleep on me just for a little while??" So for two nights now he has cuddled with Trey while Trey goes to sleep and then i put him out.

After giving away his siblings (the kitten's, not Trey's) "cheetah" has cried, howled, whined, just made lot's of noise whenever he hears us up and about in the house...drives me nuts to be honest. I am not much of an animal person, but i feel bad for him/her (we really don't know what it is to be honest...but let's just call it a he cause that's what we hope it is) He curls up all by his lonesome on the bed where they all slept and it makes me here i go letting him in to cuddle with Trey cause he's so lonely...i'm digging myself a hole...but we do have an allergy issue so the in times are short. I'm such a sucker!


Remember when i was complaining about my unorganized desk? I got inspired this week to do some changes to my workspace. I drug Ethan and Raegan to the "caft store that is so boowing" the other day and found these handy basket/boxes. I still have a few changes i want to make but here is the close to finished i really need some black computer speakers and mouse, those white ones stick out like a sore thumb :) To show how observant men are, Johnny stared at the desk and couldn't figure out what i had changed for a few minutes...oh c'mon, seriously?


Avery was looking at an old picture of me in a bikini (oh i know per shame)today (it was a couple of years after i had her) and she said "mommy you were so skinny" to which i replied "so what am i now?" she grinned and patted her tummy as she said"a little chunky". Got to love the honesty of kids!


Jen said...

Ah, OK, I get it now. Your desk DOES look much better! I totally understand and now I am getting all sorts of good ideas for my desk area. It is such an eyesore. I have been wanting to make it more inviting for a while now, but didn't even know where to start! I love what you did! Where did you put all the books that were on the shelf below and to the right though?

Jen said...

Yes kids are brutally honest aren't they! If you want to truly know something, just ask a child! :) ha-ha!

Be careful with that kitty situation. Cat dander is very sticky and is nearly impossible to rid your house of. It remains in a house LONG after the cat is even there. I did a lot of research on them when I was dating Andy and couldn't stay inside his house for very long when i'd go over there. Even years after they got rid of their cat, and after replacing the carpet and repainting the walls, I still had sneezing attacks when i'd go over there-so I looked into it. It's a real pain in the neck! Different types of cats have different types of dander though, and most people aren't alergic to ALL types of dander or either they react differently to the different (breed? it's been a long time since I did the research) of cats, so there is hope. Does Avery have issues when she is around this particular cat? In any case, I totally don't blame you! I'm sure i'd cave too if I heard it whining about being left out in the garage a lot. I don't think i could handle it either!!! I'd probably just take my allergy meds and bring him in and cuddle!

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Out of the mouths of babes!

I was a nanny about 13 years ago and one night I took the kids to visit my in laws and the older of the two (I think she was almost 4) told my mother in law that she had an old fashioned house. We laughed so hard.

I love how honest kids are!

The Rutledges..... said...

If you're a little chunky....I don't EVEN want to ask Avery what am I!!!!! You look great...and so does your work space!

Paula said...

Wow you are weak-hearted. LOL That's one reason we have no animals whatsoever. Funny comment with Avery, kids are just too honest sometimes. Don't worry though: you look awesome!!!

John and Elisa Seaba said...

Jen, i took two bags of books to the attic and just kept a few. Stacked some things back behind the basket where they can't be see but still am able to get to them easily. I'm glad you gave me the kitty advise cause i needed to be reminded, sometimes you think oh just a while wont hurt anything but i don't want Avery to start having issues with her breathing or skin! anyway, thank you!

Val said...

Oh my goodness! That's a great story. Today, Mackenzie said, "Mommy are you fat or thin?" Part of me was thinking, "where on earth did you hear that?" Part of me wanted to ask, "Well, Mackenzie you tell me." But the common sense part of me won, and said, "Mackenzie, I'm just the way God wants me to be!"