Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Smile maker

This girl never ceases to make mommy smile. Except when i'm picking up her trail of clothes she leaves all over the house...or when she decides to change her attire right before we are ready to walk out the door...in those instances you might not catch me with a smile on my face...but when i'm looking back at the pictures...you might catch me smiling away!

Took little miss to the dr today because hse has been running a fever for a week. On top of the flu she managed to get a couple of nasty ears so with an antibiotic now, hopefully she will improve quickly!

Trey and Avery went back to school today. Avery missed almost a week and Trey was out since last Thursday. They are feeling good with only lingering coughs that i've been told linger around for awhile. Ethan is still well thanks to taking refuge at Grandma's for about 4 days during the worst of the sickness. Johnny had it over the weekend and is starting to feel better. As for me... i believe wholeheartedly in Airborne!


June said...

She is so bloomin cute.

PamperingBeki said...

Ohmygoodness!! Too much cuteness!

Paula said...

I love the second pic! :)

Barbie Wilson said...

She would make anyone smile! I love her hair. She is so adorable!