Monday, October 05, 2009

Fall festival

the furthest Raegan would go onto any of the inflatables...she wanted nothing to do with them
my cowboy riding a pony
Trey and his buddy Braden
Avery taking her turn on the pony rides

waiting for the pony ride

Yesterday was Elm Grove's annual fall festival. It turned out to be a beautiful day. Besides tears because another girl was "being mean" and a couple of melt downs from a cowboy in the pony line, and some fresh holes in socks, it was a fun-filled afternoon.

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Michelle said...

Hey Elisa,
I was wondering if you could make some barrettes for Kylah that I could buy from you. I love the ones that Val made, but I just don't have enough (and I keep losing them!) I would like to buy maybe like 10 of them or so. I usually just use one at a time, so if you could make them all different, that would be awesome. She wears a lot of pink and brown. Some light pink, and some hot pink. Maybe a few purple ones. I really like the flowery ones. Alright...hopefully that's enough information for you! :) You can e-mail me if you want to. Sorry I had to leave all this on here...I don't have your e-mail. Thanks! Just let me know how much they are and I can send you a check or pay you when we are in town (October 31st weekend.)