Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend with my "big kids'

day 1 at Silver Dollar City

bunch a silly kids
Julie, June, Susan and i hanging out while the kids played in the ball...and yes Julie shared!
one of my favorite places!!

we have such obedient children!

coming off the Wildfire ALL SMILES!
my mom got to ride in style due to the fact that she most likely now has a stress fracture after running her first half marathon.
another favorite ride
day two was SO much warmer!

just cause it was pretty!
Avery taking off on the Wildfire
Avery and her buddy Morgyn (friends of Susan's) that joined us for a day
some thought it was so nice they would try the water rides...crazy!
hugging cousins at the end of the day two, and we loaded up in the vans and headed home

This past weekend, my 3 sisters and my mom and i headed to Branson with all of the "older" cousins. Aka-ones that can ride most of the rides. We invaded a couple of condos and spent two fun filled days at Silver Dollar City. Friday was C.O.L.D., though we were prepared and stayed pretty warm. At the end of the day it took us all quite awhile to warm up. Saturday was 20 degrees warmer and the park was a whole lot busier, though the lines for the rides were still not bad AT ALL, which is what we were there for...ride after ride...i think i rode more rides in those two days put together than i have in years.

If you read my blog and saw our vacation posts from SDC this past summer you might remember that Avery was just barely too short to ride the Wildfire, making one extremely sad thrill seeking girl! Well after being measured twice she GOT TO RIDE THE WILDFIRE! She was pulled off and measured almost every time...that's how close it was, and no...mommy didn't put any bark in her shoes!

We headed back Saturday night and after getting lost thanks to our Gps being totally confused and telling us to turn left into trees, at the first chance...make a u-turn, about 50 times of recalculating, and lot's of laughs we finally got headed in the right direction towards home. It was a fun, fast (they always go to fast when your having fun) weekend!


Jen said...

Wow!!! What GREAT pictures!!! That is so neat that you got to go with your sisters and Mom and have a weekend like that! How fun!!! Great memories!!!

grammaneir said...

Great pictures Elisa and yes it was a fun time. Thanks for inviting me along and for the extra work pushing me around the park.

PamperingBeki said...

So FUN!!

Really great pictures.

Have you guys been at Christmas time? We're headed back soon. They put up over 4 million lights and it's amazing!

John and Elisa Seaba said...

I have not been to SDC at Christmas time but i heard when we were down there how many lights they put! I will just have to pretend i'm there while looking at your pictures :) I bet it is awesome!!