Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday Ethan!

1 month
1 year
1 and half years
2 years old
2 and half years old
3 years old
today- 4 years old!

Our little guy is 4 years old! A few factos...we had been trying for several years to get pregnant and had lost several pregnancies when i got pregnant with Ethan. I got pregnant under some circumstances the dr didn't think i would get pregnant under. I had my appendix out when i was 33 weeks pregnant with him and he was almost delivered prematurely. I had to be induced at my due date with him. He was 8 lb. 12 oz born with a head of hair like our first two but it was blonde. He had to be hospitalized for a couple of days at Childrens Mercy because he was very jaundiced. He will always be our little "miracle", at least that is how we look at him.

Ethan, we love you so much and are so thankful God put you in our family. You were a true answer to many prayers and i think God has a special plan for your life!

Happy Birthday Ethan! We love you!

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