Monday, October 19, 2009

KC half-marathon

chilly race morning

coming in to the finish
we crossed the line holding hands
13.1 completed!

This past Saturday was marathon day. It was a rainy drive down to Crown Center but the rain moved off and ended up being a chilly perfect day for running! My mom had injured her leg in training but had an mri and had gotten her "go-ahead" from the dr. She had a lot of pain during the race but ran through it and finished in 3:03. Her goal prior to injury was 3 hrs so she did awesome! She was even joking around with the 3 hr pace group that passed us right at the end, something about that they better not pass us and that she might take them out if they did :)

I would have been just as proud had she done it without an injury but the fact that she completed it in so much pain...she was very determined! it was also Susan's first half too and she completed it without much training. You did great Susan!

It was a very fun run through lot's of cool places in KC and was so fun doing it with my sisters and my mom!


Dana said...

That is SO awesome!!!! What a wonderful memory for you girls! Congratulations to all of you! I'd better get training for a 1/2 girls are inspiring!

Marilee We Roll Along said...

Way to Go! Congratulations to ALL!!

The Lanker Family said...

Awe thanks! Lets do it again next year!?